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Norah Jones - Not Too Late

  • Format

    Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold

  • Release

    30 Jan 2007

  • Label

    Blue Note 

  • Tracklist

    A1 Wish I Could 4:18
    A2 Sinkin' Soon 4:38
    A3 The Sun Doesn't Like You 2:59
    A4 Until The End 3:56
    A5 Not My Friend 2:54
    A6 Thinking About You 3:20
    B1 Broken 3:21
    B2 My Dear Country 3:25
    B3 Wake Me Up 2:46
    B4 Be My Somebody 3:36
    B5 Little Room 2:43
    B6 Rosie's Lullaby 3:56
    B7 Not Too Late 3:31

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