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Norah Jones - Come Away With Me

  • Format

    Vinyl, LP, Album

  • Release



  • Label

    EMI, Blue Note

  • Tracklist

    A1 Don't Know Why 3:05
    A2 Seven Years 2:24
    A3 Cold Cold Heart 3:38
    A4 Feelin' The Same Way 2:55
    A5 Come Away With Me 3:18
    A6 Shoot The Moon 3:57
    A7 Turn Me On 2:33
    B1 Lonestar 3:05
    B2 I've Got To See You Again 4:13
    B3 Painter Song 2:41
    B4 One Flight Down 3:03
    B5 Nightingale 4:11
    B6 The Long Day Is Over 2:44
    B7 The Nearness Of You 3:09

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