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LL Cool J - Mr. Smith

  • Format

    Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue

  • Release

    11 Sep 2015

  • Label

    Def Jam Recordings

  • Tracklist

    A1 The Intro (Skit) 1:34
    A2 Make It Hot 4:32
    A3 Hip Hop 5:00
    A4 Hey Lover 4:45
    A5 Doin It 4:53
    A6 Life As... 2:45
    A7 I Shot Ya 3:51
    A8 Mr. Smith 3:59
    B1 No Airplay 5:43
    B2 Lougin 4:12
    B3 Hollis To Hollywood 3:59
    B4 God Bless 3:48
    B5 Get Da Drop On 'Em 3:58
    B6 Prelude (Skit) 0:30
    B7 I Shot Ya (Remix) 5:03

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